Beautiful data analytics at your fingertips with LABB®

Welcome to the definitive data toolkit, with advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and real-time monitoring all in a simple and easy to use package.

Take control of your data

LABB® enables you to make the most of your data, giving you the business critical insight you need to make the right decisions, every time.

Drag and Drop

Immediate and powerful data modelling at the touch of a button

Advanced Visualisations

Featuring an extensive library of fully customisable visualisations

Templating Engine

Save yourself the hard work with handy templates for a host of KPIs

Comprehensive Guidance

Interactive help and guidance shows you exactly how to achieve your goals

Bespoke Functionality

Tailor LABB® to meet your exact needs with rapid specialisation options available

Whitelabel Opportunities

Integrate LABB® into your business pipeline and open up new revenue streams

Data analytics made easy

We believe the latest information should be available to everyone, so we've done the hard work to ensure that you can focus on the things that matter most.

Import your data

Features support for a wide range of custom data sources, including spreadsheets, SQL databases, and 3rd party platforms such as Google Analytics.

Integrated knowledge

LABB® can automatically collate data from around the web, allowing you to understand the bigger picture without the legwork.

Easy on the eye

Ease the strain with our beautiful UI themes and you can be sure that you're always seeing things with a fresh pair of eyes.

AI on the fly

Take advantage of the latest in machine learning technology and build out your complete data strategy with Flow, our revolutionary process modelling engine.

Information engineering

Use Flow to build and train bespoke artificial intelligence components for integration into your data pipeline.

All the tools you need

LABB® provides a complete data toolkit, with a comprehensive library containing hundreds of mathematical and statistical functions.

Scalable and reliable

From a single server to distributed clusters of hundreds of nodes, LABB® offers performance and reliability by scaling inline with your business.